My battle for clear skin ! ( Teenager)

My battle for clear skin !

    Hello ! thanks for passing by ! as you can see I have no idea how to write a blog or how to post , I just literally know nothing about this whole thing. haha

I’m a 14 years old girl, turning 15 on January , I’ve been battling for clear skin and specifically let’s say clear forehead since I just get bumps and pimples only on my forehead, “luckily” . This started when I was about 12, I started feeling some bumps on my forehead that annoyed me so much, made me feel insecure and could not even look at a person’s face when I speak, you know, afraid of him seeing my PIMPLE and getting disgusted !

I went to Youtube, searched for homemade recipes, that was the worst decision, I ruined my face, I don’t know if it were the mixtures or I just overused them, I turned from few pimples to alot of them and SCARS, those tiny little holes on your skin!

My old sister had a cleanser, I stole from it from time to time, and I realized that it was actually the solution for my problem ! So, I decided to buy it , and I’m currently using it it’s Papulex¬† Soap-Free Cleansing Gel , and trust me it was a MIRACLE.

Ofcourse you’d still get those monsters from time to time, but it actually really worked, but the problem is that it kinda deshydrates your skin a little bit since it’s made for oily skin while mine is like mixed, so I had to use a moisturizer Ducray Ictyane, which actually leaves my skin soft and smooth !

I just want to tell you, never feel insecure about anything ! Just don’t focus too much on it and forget that you have a pimple or two or TEN you’re always beautiful when you believe that you are !

Thanks for your attention ! Hope you liked my first blog EVER ! If you have any tips for me please leave a comment down below !

DIY masks that really work :

Coffee and Honey moisturizing / Exfoliating /Anti-bacterial mask

Fenugreek seeds powder and honey gentle exfoliation / moisturizing / Anti-bacterial /clear skin mask ( BEST SO FAR)



Hey everyone i’m like completly new to all this ! and im so excited !